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Welcome to Learning Space

Learning Space is a children and young people’s mental health charity based in Surrey with over 20 years’ experience of working with children, young people and their families. 
The needs of the children and young people we work with are widespread and include anxiety, anger, low levels of confidence and self-esteem, bereavement, bullying, friendships and family issues.


Our team consists of highly skilled practitioners with professional backgrounds in a variety of settings including education, social care and health related fields. 


We are all further trained in solution focused approaches.


The focus of our work is to grow self-esteem, confidence and resilience so that children and young people are better able to manage change, respond to challenges in their lives and to celebrate who they are.

An 'Introduction to Solution-Focused Approaches' for Children and Young People

Learning Space is pleased to be offering the above training for anyone working with children, young people, and families.


As the leading charity in Surrey delivering solution-focused therapy and approaches with children ages 5 and up, this training will provide you with the skills to offer and integrate a strengths-based approach that supports children, young people, and families to set realistic goals, celebrate and build resilience, and enable positive change.

Please email for further information.

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