Girl at School



​I’m laughing more because I’m happier in myself
I feel as time has gone on I have become more confident.  I was very aware and would always think people thought I was weird.  I can now be goofy and myself without worrying about what people think.  People have said to me that I seem more myself and confident. 

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Since starting school Thomas had always been an easy going calm and happy boy. He was a high achiever at school and was popular with the other children. This all changed when he reached year 5.


Thomas was referred to Learning Space because he was showing uncharacteristic aggressive and challenging behaviours both at home and at school.

A Girl in a Classroom


​Shannon is an 8 year girl whose mother was concerned about her angry and often violent outbursts.


Mum also felt Shannon was socially isolated and showed signs of 'quirky' traits e.g.: talking to herself which she felt left her having no friends and worried she presented as “odd” to others.  There had been some concerns from school reporting that Shannon lacked concentration and motivation.

Image by Roman Bilik


Adam, 14 years, was referred for anger management and for difficulties emerging for him following the sudden death (suicide) of close family member.

On his first session Adam said that he found it impossible to talk to people about his feelings.

He was able to stay in the room and began to do a scaled profile of how he felt about different aspects of school and home life.