Understanding Autism

This is a series of workshops for parents of children who show signs of having ASD (Autistic Spectrum Disorder) or traits of autism

It helps parents gain a clearer understanding of ASD, their child’s strengths and difficulties and to explore some positive parenting strategies. A clearer understanding of ASD can empower parents and help them to navigate through the diagnostic process and facilitate change both at home and in school.


The sessions explore themes such as; what is autism; social and communication skills; sensory issues; the impact on family life and school life; how to best support children and build their self-esteem, confidence and reduce their levels of anxiety.


The workshop consists of a 2-hour session each week for a total of four weeks with opportunity for parents to bring their own issues for discussion. 

Sessions take place at Phoenix Youth Centre, Preston Manor Lane, Tadworth, KT20 5FB

Referrals are through Mindsight Surrey CAMHS