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Help for families

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Forest Space

A wide body of research shows that time spent in nature reduces anxiety, stress levels and depression. The natural world offers multi-sensory experiences that grow neural pathways and reduce the stress hormone cortisol.

Amongst other factors, increased use of technology, and the recent pandemic has reduced the amount of time children are spending playing and working in natural environments. This is thought to be impacting their wellbeing and mental health. ​

Our 6-week Forest Space programme combines the best of our flexible, solution-focused Learning Space approach, with the all the therapeutic benefits of the natural world.

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Neuro Developmental differences support for families

Does your child have (or waiting for) a diagnosis of Autism or ADHD? Parents/carers can now self fund sessions with one of our highly skilled team. We provide therapeutic support for children and young people aged 6 to 18.

Please contact Sarah Holley for more details

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ND Screening

TO BE UPDATED! Emma for blurb - screening but not diagnosis

Expression of interest - add form?

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1:1 support for children and young people - funded by parents

TO BE UPDATED! Has your child received support from Learning Space before? Would they benefit from further support?
You are now able to purchase additional sessions with your practitioner (EG. A monthly maintenance session).

Please contact Sue White for more information

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Our Space, family support

Solution focused therapy can help to bring hope, connection and celebration to families.
Sessions are led by qualified and experienced Solution Focused BRIEF practitioners.
One session can be enough; a 50 minute face to face or online session and a written action plan costs £75

Please contact Natasha Adams for more information

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Online Therapy Sessions

Does your child struggle to regulate their emotions? Or have low confidence/self esteem?
Parents are now able to purchase a block of online sessions with an experienced Solution Focused practitioner.
Cost £50 per session

Please contact Sue White for more information.

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Group Sessions

offers a range of groups for children and young people based across Epsom & Ewell, Reigate & Banstead and Mole Valley. The groups take place in a range of safe and supportive environments and allow young people to connect with others and take part in fun activities. We can offer up to two 1:1 sessions to help support engagement and make sure young people feel ready to take part. We are proud to offer a self-referral route for our groups and are happy to discuss which group would fit you best and how we can support you to get involved.

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We have collated resources to help you support your child. These range from books that you can read with your child, through to online support groups.

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