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Brown Wood

Welcome to FOREST SPACE (Outdoor Therapy)

A 6 week programme for children with anxiety

We are pleased to announce our brand-new project, combining the best of our flexible, solution-focused Learning Space approach, with the all the therapeutic benefits of the natural world. 

A wide body of research shows that time spent in nature reduces anxiety, stress levels and depression. The natural world offers multi-sensory experiences that grow neural pathways and reduce the stress hormone cortisol.  

Amongst other factors, increased use of technology, and the recent pandemic has reduced the amount of time children are spending playing and working in natural environments. This is thought to be impacting their wellbeing and mental health. 

Our 6-week Forest Space programme will offer children the opportunity to: 

  • Reframe their anxiety in a fun and embodied way. By teaching children, the brain science of anxiety in nature, they can understand its role in survival and their connection to the animal world. As well as being fun and mood enhancing, our woodland games embed this knowledge and give the children a first-hand experience of seeing the use of these stress responses in action. Rather than feeling that something is wrong with them, they go away with a new understanding and respect for their healthy survival instincts and their bodies. 

  • Experience sensory awakening games and short guided meditations. The benefits of mindfulness and relaxation are enhanced when taken outside. Anxiety is mostly fuelled by future orientated thoughts such as “What if this happens?”, so an ability to return to the grounding of the present moment is a very useful tool in managing anxiety. 

  • Learn bushcraft skills and natural crafts. Working with their hands, solving real world problems, mastering skills and developing creativity all work together to increase children’s self-esteem, ability to recognise their strengths and their autonomy.  

  • For further details, click here

All sessions will be led by Juliet who has over 15 years’ experience at Learning Space and is a qualified dramatherapist and Forest School Leader

Sessions:  Fridays, from 1.00pm - 3.30pm at The Patchwork Gardens in Dorking (RH4 1QA)

Dates:      4, 11, 18, 25 November, 2 and 9 December 2022

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