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Bubble Group

This group is for young people aged 11 years and over struggling with anxiety and social isolation.  

For most young people the offer begins with time limited outreach (two sessions) to facilitate a trusting relationship to develop wherever the young person feels safest and this is most often in the home.  


Taking positive steps forward out of the home involves huge challenges and the Bubble Group was set up specifically to support with these.  Young people are brought by their parents/carers who are welcome to stay and a variety of activities on offer provides lots of opportunities for fun and laughter. 


The first Bubble Group was set up in February 2019 and is now well- established.  The partnership with Costa in Reigate provides us with exclusive use of seating area and space to connect at a pace that is right for the individuals and group.

“If it wasn’t for the Bubble Group, there is no way I’d have put myself forwards for the recent sponsored five- mile walk, let alone walk it.  I’m talking confidently to other young people.  I didn’t think I’d do this before.  My mentor has tried to encourage me to attend the other activities, but I just couldn’t face it.  The Bubble Group has made it possible. I recently attended a youth council meeting to plan this years’ summer activities”.

Chloe, age 15

Parent Bubble

This is for parents of children and young people with high levels of anxiety and provide opportunities for mutual support as well as for parents to share their experiences and coping strategies 


The group consists of six sessions and includes solution focused listening and activities to cover themes such as: what has worked well in the past; how to get through tough time; understanding anxiety and tools to help support young people.

The hope is for the group to become self-sustaining beyond the six sessions.


For referrals please contact Natasha

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