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Art Space is a new therapeutic arts offer unique to Learning Space.  


Over the course of six weeks, a small group of young people will gather in a safely held environment to discover their strengths, have fun and meet peers. Using a variety of creative methods we will use Solution Focused approaches to support self-expression, reduce anxiety and boost self-esteem.


No artistic experience or qualifications are needed. Art Space is suitable for anyone who would enjoy learning more about themselves and others in a positive and encouraging environment using art as the focus. 


Learning Space will provide all materials.

  • The programme will offer young people the opportunity to learn about where anxiety comes from and with a deeper understand of why they might feel anxious, knowing that rather than something being wrong with them, their bodies are responding in appropriate ways in situations that don’t always feel safe. 

  • Sessions are gentle with lots of time for everyone to share at a pace they are comfortable with.  We take time to relax using short guided meditations and tools such as mandalas.  The safety and acceptance that builds in the group allows for more freedom of expression both in speech and through the art work

  • The benefits of the relaxation activities are enhanced when there is a creative outlet. Anxiety is often driven by past events which can then fuel thoughts and worries about the future.  The meditations and art tools will help to ground a young person in the present moment more and support their bodies to relax.

  • Hearing from other young people in the session helps a young person feel less isolated and ‘different’.  Other young people bring their unique but relatable challenges and thoughts to the group as well as shared moments of celebration of what is going well and this can be inspiring and informative.

All sessions will be led by Sarah, senior mentor with Learning Space who is experienced in art psychotherapy and supported by Zita, both are qualified youth workers experienced in leading groups for young people.

For further details or to register your interest, please contact Sarah or Natasha

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