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Image by Christian Fregnan

I’m laughing more because I’m happier in myself

I feel as time has gone on I have become more confident.  I was very aware and would always think people thought I was weird.  I can now be goofy and myself without worrying about what people think.  People have said to me that I seem more myself and confident.  I feel more comfortable with me.  People have said I’m more fun to be around. It’s really nice to hear that.


My relationship and trust between mum and I is so much better.  We have more understanding between us which means I can tell her more and we enjoy the time together instead of shouting and each other.

I have learnt good strategies for dealing with bad thoughts, anger and sadness.


Attending learning space has really helped Amy in many ways. She is far more accepting of herself and with this her confidence in herself and with others has grown. It has given Amy the opportunity to talk about her difficulties and the safe space to discuss them with us, her parents and mentor. We are now more able to talk about them at home and know how to help. Acceptance is something I noticed straight away about learning space and having somewhere to be yourself openly, have fun, interact and learn life skills.

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